Jane Freedman Law, LLC provides a range of corporate legal and business services including outside general counsel services. Aside from providing sanity and peace of mind, the following is a list of our most common services:

For companies/founders:

  • Company formation (choice of entity, formation, record keeping)
  • Stock related issues (issuance, shareholders agreements, equity incentive plans)
  • General corporate matters
  • Securities (private placements, day to day public company matters including filings, audit matters, ERM, internal controls, investor relations)
  • Transactions (mergers, acquisitions and divestitures)
  • Contracts and agreements (services agreements, vendor agreements, license agreements, confidentiality, non-solicitation, non-compete, proprietary information agreements)
  • Full suite of intellectual property matters including trademark, copyright, patent, inbound and outbound licensing, and related issues
  • Human resources matters (employment advice, benefits issues, employment agreements, executive compensation, termination/severance, etc.)
  • Insurance (directors & officers insurance, general liability, claims management)
  • Financings (loans, debt/equity offerings, etc.)
  • Corporate governance/board matters (for profit and not for profit)
  • Representation of executives in termination situations (severance/separation agreements, stock/equity issues)
  • Outside general counsel¬†services
  • Offshore company representation
  • Litigation management
  • Privacy and data security issues

For executives:

  • Severance and termination agreements
  • Stock purchase and sale
  • Minority investments

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