Good client relationships are incredibly important to successful business outcomes. One cannot happen without the other.”

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Keys to our success


We view this as table stakes. Seems like a no-brainer, but we take this seriously. Our team includes people who get it, and know how to get it done.


We are able to offer recommendations and advice because of our breadth and depth of experience. We can rest on the courage of our convictions knowing that it is based on solid business judgment and produces great results.


Relationships are everything. Our relationships with our clients, our team, our colleagues and friends of the firm are so important to us. We value these relationships and work hard to nurture and develop them.


We strive at all times to understand and have empathy for our clients—and act accordingly. Every time we counsel a client, we bring to the table our passion for law and business, while also remaining focused on getting great results. This translates to caring, yet sound, advice.

Who we work with

Our foundation is built upon honest, responsive and compatible client relationships. We don’t take on just any client; it’s not a numbers game for us. We want to do more than work for you, we want to partner with you and get to know you. And like any team, there needs to be synergy, compatibility and trust. A shared sense of humor doesn’t hurt. Our high and unique expectations for client relationships puts us both on the path to success.

What we do

We practice sophisticated business law, supporting, advising and helping clients make smart business decisions. We believe the law is a factor—but at times not a driver—of good decision-making for business success. We use a business-focused perspective to help you build your vision and achieve your goals.

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How we succeed

Your success depends upon more than just legal expertise. It also requires a true understanding of your business, your goals and your challenges. We make it a priority to truly grasp the nuances of your unique situation and circumstances to determine how the law can most effectively help and protect you. This allows us to help you achieve your business goals.

Solutions for every business.

We excel within our core disciplines: starting or growing a business, buying or selling a business, financing a business, implementing good governance practices, protecting intellectual property and trade secrets, managing employee matters, including executive and equity compensation, and establishing and operating private investment funds.