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A good meal could mean a great deal.

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Make your privacy policy less private.

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Is it better to be confident or assertive?

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Turning a negative into a positive

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It’s easier to make clients into friends than friends into clients. That’s why who you work with matters. If you share the same business philosophies and values, success (and a deeper relationship) is sure to follow.
Jane Freedman
Negotiating the contract is important. But your counterparty can be more important than the contract itself. Know who you’re partnering with before you sign the agreement.
Jane Freedman
Nothing derails contract negotiations faster than lack of confidence. Know what you want and find a trusted lawyer to help you ask for it.
Jane Freedman
Know and play to your strengths, and find trusted advisors to help with the rest. Smart businesses of every size deserve accessible and quality representation.
Jane Freedman
Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want in a negotiation. It’s important to know up front that the deal is a good fit. And remember, it’s just business!
Jane Freedman